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Like many people, I don't like to talk about myself so this section was very difficult to write.  I agonized over what information to include.  What would people want to know about me to make sure they trust me as a vendor?  Will they even think my cards are funny?  Will they like my wildlife photography?  Am I good enough? In most things in my life, I eventually get over the worry and just jump in because being held captive by "fear" bothers me more than making a mistake (and I've made some embarrassing blunders in my life LOL). I have lived most of my adult life with the attitude of someone that embodies the meaning of love me, hate me, even feel free to ignore me, but I am who I am.  That could explain why I have a few close friends and not a larger following on Facebook or LinkedIn I suppose.....hmmmm....things to ponder....


I discovered a love for photography decades ago but motherhood, career, marriage, etc. all took precedence over that passion for the hobby.  I was fortunate enough to pick up a camera again when my kids were in their teens. Much to my husband's dismay, I found the passion for taking photos again.  I also found the photography "vortex" is never ending in how much money you can spend on equipment if you're not careful and absolutely honest about the fact that buying the new $9,000 camera body will in no way ensure you are National Geographic's next featured photographer.


Thinking I wanted to quit my day job and become a photographer full time, I photographed families, weddings, engagements, pets, even a young man's surprise proposal to his lovely bride-to-be.  I took every photo gig I could get and went above and beyond, including never making a dime of profit because, like most new entrepreneurs, I wasn't charging enough to make it worth the work.  So needless to say, I never did quit that day job.  And the old adage is correct: owning a Nikon makes you a camera owner, not a photographer.  I know a couple of award-winning photographers that have received accolades for their wedding and family photography.  Funnily enough, that is their passion - they love what they do and it shows.


And though I have never had a "bad" or "difficult" client, nor have I even had a client that wasn't happy with the work I produced for them (well none that told me anyways), I found I was most relaxed when out in nature waiting for that "perfect shot".  As anyone who does photography knows, the "perfect shot" rarely happens within your control when it comes to animals.  Bears and moose don't necessarily show up on cue and it's the dickens to get them to look the way you want them to.  Beavers just don't respond to, "Give me a pout....that's right....work it....work it..."  I've even had a beaver charge me.  Yup.  Never knew they could run that fast on land. Who knew photography would spur me on to have better cardio to get away from a small, round, web-footed creature?  Middle-age is such a shock when you realize you're there.  


What I did find, however, was that there was poignancy, humour, struggle, love and a wisdom in nature that I had been missing out on.  And quite frankly, a moose doesn't worry if its butt looks fat in the picture!  So much less pressure!  If you miss the bride coming down the aisle in the church when photographing a wedding, you can't just say, "...everyone back to the church.....we need a do-over.....".  If you miss the wolf shot you've spent 8 hours driving to get, and another 4 hours sitting in the bush for, you can simply go home and try again another day (okay, well usually there's some swearing and head bashing happening at that point, but at least there's no upset bride).  


How did photography turn into greeting cards?  I'm sure you're all asking.......well, I dislike buying greeting cards.  There's this massive pressure to find the perfect card for every occasion in my family.  My grown son will even spend HOURS in a card store to ensure he's chosen the best card for everyone at Christmas (not sure where he gets that from....certainly wasn't me).  So I began making my own cards.  People laughed, the messages were more personalized, they were fun to do, and I could use nasty language if I wanted to!  What a bonus!  And I don't even charge extra for the nasty words.  I know, give, give, give.  


If you've taken the time to read through all of this, I hope you'll have some insight into how much of myself I put into everything I do.  I hope you'll find something humorous in some of the greeting cards, or even something that touches you in one of my photographs.  No matter what, thank you for taking the time to visit my website and store.  It's truly appreciated and I hope you'll take the time to share this website with your friends.  


I truly wish you all the best!